Repairs:  You do not need an RMA to ship us your Transvideo equipment for repair.

Go to our contact page.
In the message field: enter a brief description of the problem

as well as the date when you need your equipment back. Ship your equipment to our North Hollywood address.
Include your phone & email information inside the box.

Technical S.O.S:

You will get the fastest reply by using the Technical S.O.S feature on our Mobile website.

Click Here or on the Emergency icon to be forwarded

                       What to Expect:

                          We will provide you with an estimate prior to

                          performing the repair.

                          Free services included with repairs of Transvideo

                          International customers:

                             * Update to the latest Software & Firmware.

                             * Deep cleaning.

                             * Cosmetic touch-ups.

Turn-around time:
Walk-ins: if you have made an appointment with our office, the repair may be performed within a couple of hours. This will give you the time for a cup of coffee or lunch nearby.
Shipped-in: If your equipment arrives by 10:30am and you have informed us that it is an emergency, it will mostly likely be turned around same day.

Back-up equipment:
If your equipment cannot be repaired within 48 hrs and you are in the middle of a shoot, we will do our best to supply a back-up monitor. Please note that the back-up may not be the exact same model as yours.

TIPS for a quick-turn around:
Make sure the monitor arrives to us by 10:30am.
Inform us of the date when you need it back, specify am or pm.
Include all your contact information with it (name, ship to & bill to

addresses, cel phone and email address).
Provide us with your Fedex or UPS account for the return.
Have a mean of payment ready: Credit cards are fastest.

Additional Pampering of your equipment:

Your Transvideo monitor may never be in need of a repair.  We offer these additional services for your peace of mind:

  • Update to the latest Software & Firmware versions (if applicable).
  • Check-up prior to a long shoot, in particular when travelling out of the country.
  • Deep cleaning after shooting in the sand (ocean or desert) will preserve your equipment.
  • Deep cleaning after exposure to salt water.  The marine air contains corrosive particles that are electronic boards' worst enemy.         This should be done urgently at the end of the Production.

Equipment Inspections:

  • If you decide to sell your Transvideo equipment we offer a free inspection that may be sent to the prospective buyer with the seller's consent.  We can offer the same equipment inspection to buyers with the seller's consent.